View Full Version : FOR SALE: Power Supplies for sale

04-02-2011, 09:38 PM
Here are the power supplies I have and their specs:

1 x Newmar 115-24-35 CD linear power supply. These are rated 35 A continuous. Datasheet says that voltage is internally adjustable 21 - 27.5 VDC.

I've converted this to 230 V input (just flicked a switch on the transformer and changed the plug). Tested without load so far but I'll test it under load before I sell it on. I actually have two of these but I'm keeping one. These are about 800 - 1000 on the web.

1 x Astron RS-50A 13.8 VDC 37 A continuous/50 A at 50% duty. Internally adjustable 11 - 15 VDC output. This is a little cosemtically chalenged to be honest.

1 x Astron RS-70A 13.8 VDC 57 A continuous/70 A at 50% duty. Internally adjustable 11 - 15 VDC output. This is in much better condition.

Both Astron supplies are 115 V input and don't have the transformer switch like the Newmar. I have a step-down transformer to test them with though, and I've still to sort through a box of transformers which might serve for conversion to 230 V.


As far as price goes I'm open to any offers, they've gotta go. They're all second hand but only the RS-50 shows signs of heavy wear.