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13-02-2011, 09:33 AM
Jamen technology Ltd. is one of the main engraving control card supplier in China, we have 3 series products: Engraving conrol card, Mach3 engraving control card, stepper motor driver, which are broadly applied in electronic, advertising, laser, packaging, textile industries and so on. One of which is JNC-40B, which is 4-axis controlled and developed by American advanced technology, has high real-time performance. The JNC-40B system has higher pulse output frequency 1MHZ (option), and used better motion control algorithm to guarantee cutting quality. The control signal used differential input and output, has better immunity, and equipped adapter plate, has more switch input and output, and complete interfaces, easier wiring, support CNC engraving machine, engraving and milling machine, cutting machine, laser cutting machine, water jet cutting machine.