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16-02-2011, 05:21 AM
Hi All
Been a long time since iv posted on here due to being very bizzy but thought id ask you guys a question and to see if theres much interest.
I have a Denford Triac with 6 position tool changer and fanuc OM RED CAP system that im looking to sell because i need to upgrade to a much bigger machine.
If anyone knows these machines then youll know they dont have a fanuc spindle motor but most came with a 1HP Lenze which i found wasnt up to what i needed so iv changed the spindle drive to a 16 amp sprint 3200i and stuck a 2HP motor on that now makes this baby cut and drill real nice.
She has the work lamp,coolant pump and comes on a stand about 1mtr x 1.2mtr and runs on 3 phase 415v.
I have a fair amount of tooling with it mainly TG100 collet chucks with a fairt amount of collets,100da,200da,er32 and loads more besides so can someone tell me what price i should be looking at please and if theres much interest in these anymore?
Its a cracking machine and cuts ali,brass and even the odd bit of stainless like its a hot knife through butter and id love to keep it but i need to finance a bigger machine so she has to go im affraid.
Shes been very well looked after and has also had new key pads which cost a small fortune so no expense has been spared.

If anyones interested in the above but doesnt have 3 phase then i will also have available a 10HP 16 amp per phase digital converter with sine wave filter and neutral generator which will run this machine and an entire workshop full of other machines very well so id be happy to do a good deal on both because i wont need it anymore when i get the new machine and get in a unit.


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20-01-2012, 07:16 PM
I'm not sure about Sprint. Lenze is a popular brand name. You could have bought a bigger cheaper drive from Lenze. VFD prices are keep going down while the features & quality goes up, just like computers.

Take a look at their SMVector Series. (http://www.ctiautomation.net/AC-Tech-SMVector-Drives.htm)

John S
21-01-2012, 08:08 PM
Loughborough University sold two last year for 400 each.