View Full Version : Digiplan parts left from "upgrade"

16-03-2011, 10:50 PM
So I've just got round to rebuilding the controller of my Isel mill. Now running beautifully full 3D off a Euroserver (1994 vintage Baldor and still supported) card, 3 max250's and 3 big servos. So I have some parts left over:
Eurosystem card (Baldor, all documentation and home brew software with dll (source available = Delphi pascal) ,2 x servo 1 x stepper)
parker digiplan URPS x 1
parker digiplan SD3 x 1 (stepper driver as used in someolder Denfords)
parker digiplan UD5 x 2 (servo driver)
And the stepper and brushed servos that went with them (disconnected).
All in a rack with back plane and some very large transformers.
I've looked these up and the cost of repair is very high, however, these are all fully working and were all giving me nice faultless 2.5D just a few weeks ago. The Eurosystem will only interpolate on the servo axis, x and y. Used I told fo rcontrolling machines like cut to length etc. Not your usual diy cnc, the servos have 2000 line encoders with quadrature so 4mm pitch gives 2000 counts per mm. The Eurosystem will home on a rising edge following a home switch signal so very accurate repeatability.
They are not for sale yet but apart form Ebay... any ideas? Any idea of their worth?
I rang Baldor and they don't deal in these any more but there must be someone / company that collect these as they are used in older industrial machines?


16-03-2011, 11:02 PM
It's all mounted in a UR3 rack if that helps ... which Ive just found on ebay for $75 just for the empty rack... mmm finance for next mad 10 year time consuming project?