View Full Version : Shirt collar stiffeners

17-03-2011, 02:10 PM
A simple thing to make - but the results were very pleasing! I made a few to give to my son for one of his Christmas presents - I now have to make some for myself!

I'll post a photo when I have made some more for myself.

The measurements were taken from a plastic shirt stiffener and drawn using the CAD within Easymill. The machining cycles were made using Easymill.

The brass sheet used is 1.2mm thick

I can post G-code if anyone wants that.

Beware - whilst the plastic shirt stiffeners will destroy themselves if not removed form the shirt collar, the brass ones are likely to destroy the shirt and maybe the washing machine too, if they are not removed" :cry:


The photo shows three completed collar stiffeners - the dark areas are reflections of my camera and hand.