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Lee Roberts
14-10-2008, 02:34 AM
This handy little device can make life a lot easier when constructing woodwork projects that need dowel fixings for strength and stability. The unit is designed for standard 15 mm laminate board and 6 mm wood dowels, but could be easily adapted for other sizes.


This simple jig fits over the end of standard laminated 15 mm board (Contiplas) and guides a 6 mm drill precisely in the correct position for fitting dowel pins. The two holes allow both end and side drilling. The project is based on a 50mm length of 25mm square aluminium bar.The G-code file provided will machine the slot and drill the 6mm centre hole. The other side hole will need to be done manually. The code was compiled for a long series 5mm, 4 flute endmill and a 6mm standard twist drill. A further feature you could add would be to use a V Shaped tool to score a groove around the center line to aid alignment.

Note: The Code has only been tested on my own converted milling machine using Mach 3 software. You may need to edit the code to suit the feed speeds and parameters of your own machine.

The start reference point is the top left hand corner and a tool clearance of 2.5 mm.

This small G-Code file will run on the demo version of Mach 3:

N10 G21
N20 G0 G17 G40 G49 G80 G90
N40 (2 1/2 Axis Pocketing)
N50 T1 M6

N70 S2000 M03
N80 G00 Z27.5000
N90 X50.5000 Y-17.5000
N100 G01 Z23.0000 F100.0
N110 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N120 G00 Z27.5000
N130 G00
N140 X50.5000 Y-16.0000
N150 G01 Z23.0000 F100.0
N160 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N170 G00 Z27.5000
N180 G00
N190 X50.5000 Y-14.5000
N200 G01 Z23.0000 F100.0
N210 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N220 G00 Z27.5000
N230 G00
N240 X50.5000 Y-13.0000
N250 G01 Z23.0000 F100.0
N260 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N270 G00 Z27.5000
N280 G00
N290 X50.5000 Y-11.5000
N300 G01 Z23.0000 F100.0
N310 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N320 G00 Z27.5000
N330 G00
N340 X50.5000 Y-10.0000
N350 G01 Z23.0000 F100.0
N360 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N370 G00 Z27.5000
N380 G00
N390 X50.5000 Y-8.5000
N400 G01 Z23.0000 F100.0
N410 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N420 G00 Z27.5000
N430 G00
N440 X50.5000 Y-7.5000
N450 G01 Z23.0000 F100.0
N460 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N470 G00 Z27.5000
N480 G01 Z23.0000 F100.0
N490 G01 Y-17.5000 F50.0
N500 G01 X50.5000
N510 G01 Y-7.5000
N520 G01 X-0.5000
N530 G00 Z27.5000
N540 G00
N550 X50.5000 Y-17.5000
N560 G01 Z21.0000 F100.0
N570 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N580 G00 Z27.5000
N590 G00
N600 X50.5000 Y-16.0000
N610 G01 Z21.0000 F100.0
N620 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N630 G00 Z27.5000
N640 G00
N650 X50.5000 Y-14.5000
N660 G01 Z21.0000 F100.0
N670 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N680 G00 Z27.5000
N690 G00
N700 X50.5000 Y-13.0000
N710 G01 Z21.0000 F100.0
N720 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N730 G00 Z27.5000
N740 G00
N750 X50.5000 Y-11.5000
N760 G01 Z21.0000 F100.0
N770 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N780 G00 Z27.5000
N790 G00
N800 X50.5000 Y-10.0000
N810 G01 Z21.0000 F100.0
N820 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N830 G00 Z27.5000
N840 G00
N850 X50.5000 Y-8.5000
N860 G01 Z21.0000 F100.0
N870 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N880 G00 Z27.5000
N890 G00
N900 X50.5000 Y-7.5000
N910 G01 Z21.0000 F100.0
N920 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N930 G00 Z27.5000
N940 G01 Z21.0000 F100.0
N950 G01 Y-17.5000 F50.0
N960 G01 X50.5000
N970 G01 Y-7.5000
N980 G01 X-0.5000
N990 G00 Z27.5000
N1000 G00
N1010 X50.5000 Y-17.5000
N1020 G01 Z19.0000 F100.0
N1030 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N1040 G00 Z27.5000
N1050 G00
N1060 X50.5000 Y-16.0000
N1070 G01 Z19.0000 F100.0
N1080 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N1090 G00 Z27.5000
N1100 G00
N1110 X50.5000 Y-14.5000
N1120 G01 Z19.0000 F100.0
N1130 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N1140 G00 Z27.5000
N1150 G00
N1160 X50.5000 Y-13.0000
N1170 G01 Z19.0000 F100.0
N1180 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N1190 G00 Z27.5000
N1200 G00
N1210 X50.5000 Y-11.5000
N1220 G01 Z19.0000 F100.0
N1230 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N1240 G00 Z27.5000
N1250 G00
N1260 X50.5000 Y-10.0000
N1270 G01 Z19.0000 F100.0
N1280 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N1290 G00 Z27.5000
N1300 G00
N1310 X50.5000 Y-8.5000
N1320 G01 Z19.0000 F100.0
N1330 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N1340 G00 Z27.5000
N1350 G00
N1360 X50.5000 Y-7.5000
N1370 G01 Z19.0000 F100.0
N1380 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N1390 G00 Z27.5000
N1400 G01 Z19.0000 F100.0
N1410 G01 Y-17.5000 F50.0
N1420 G01 X50.5000
N1430 G01 Y-7.5000
N1440 G01 X-0.5000
N1450 G00 Z27.5000
N1460 G00
N1470 X50.5000 Y-17.5000
N1480 G01 Z17.0000 F100.0
N1490 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N1500 G00 Z27.5000
N1510 G00
N1520 X50.5000 Y-16.0000
N1530 G01 Z17.0000 F100.0
N1540 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N1550 G00 Z27.5000
N1560 G00
N1570 X50.5000 Y-14.5000
N1580 G01 Z17.0000 F100.0
N1590 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N1600 G00 Z27.5000
N1610 G00
N1620 X50.5000 Y-13.0000
N1630 G01 Z17.0000 F100.0
N1640 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N1650 G00 Z27.5000
N1660 G00
N1670 X50.5000 Y-11.5000
N1680 G01 Z17.0000 F100.0
N1690 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N1700 G00 Z27.5000
N1710 G00
N1720 X50.5000 Y-10.0000
N1730 G01 Z17.0000 F100.0
N1740 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N1750 G00 Z27.5000
N1760 G00
N1770 X50.5000 Y-8.5000
N1780 G01 Z17.0000 F100.0
N1790 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N1800 G00 Z27.5000
N1810 G00
N1820 X50.5000 Y-7.5000
N1830 G01 Z17.0000 F100.0
N1840 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N1850 G00 Z27.5000
N1860 G01 Z17.0000 F100.0
N1870 G01 Y-17.5000 F50.0
N1880 G01 X50.5000
N1890 G01 Y-7.5000
N1900 G01 X-0.5000
N1910 G00 Z27.5000
N1920 G00
N1930 X50.5000 Y-17.5000
N1940 G01 Z15.0000 F100.0
N1950 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N1960 G00 Z27.5000
N1970 G00
N1980 X50.5000 Y-16.0000
N1990 G01 Z15.0000 F100.0
N2000 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N2010 G00 Z27.5000
N2020 G00
N2030 X50.5000 Y-14.5000
N2040 G01 Z15.0000 F100.0
N2050 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N2060 G00 Z27.5000
N2070 G00
N2080 X50.5000 Y-13.0000
N2090 G01 Z15.0000 F100.0
N2100 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N2110 G00 Z27.5000
N2120 G00
N2130 X50.5000 Y-11.5000
N2140 G01 Z15.0000 F100.0
N2150 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N2160 G00 Z27.5000
N2170 G00
N2180 X50.5000 Y-10.0000
N2190 G01 Z15.0000 F100.0
N2200 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N2210 G00 Z27.5000
N2220 G00
N2230 X50.5000 Y-8.5000
N2240 G01 Z15.0000 F100.0
N2250 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N2260 G00 Z27.5000
N2270 G00
N2280 X50.5000 Y-7.5000
N2290 G01 Z15.0000 F100.0
N2300 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N2310 G00 Z27.5000
N2320 G01 Z15.0000 F100.0
N2330 G01 Y-17.5000 F50.0
N2340 G01 X50.5000
N2350 G01 Y-7.5000
N2360 G01 X-0.5000
N2370 G00 Z27.5000
N2380 G00
N2390 X50.5000 Y-17.5000
N2400 G01 Z13.0000 F100.0
N2410 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N2420 G00 Z27.5000
N2430 G00
N2440 X50.5000 Y-16.0000
N2450 G01 Z13.0000 F100.0
N2460 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N2470 G00 Z27.5000
N2480 G00
N2490 X50.5000 Y-14.5000
N2500 G01 Z13.0000 F100.0
N2510 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N2520 G00 Z27.5000
N2530 G00
N2540 X50.5000 Y-13.0000
N2550 G01 Z13.0000 F100.0
N2560 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N2570 G00 Z27.5000
N2580 G00
N2590 X50.5000 Y-11.5000
N2600 G01 Z13.0000 F100.0
N2610 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N2620 G00 Z27.5000
N2630 G00
N2640 X50.5000 Y-10.0000
N2650 G01 Z13.0000 F100.0
N2660 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N2670 G00 Z27.5000
N2680 G00
N2690 X50.5000 Y-8.5000
N2700 G01 Z13.0000 F100.0
N2710 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N2720 G00 Z27.5000
N2730 G00
N2740 X50.5000 Y-7.5000
N2750 G01 Z13.0000 F100.0
N2760 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N2770 G00 Z27.5000
N2780 G01 Z13.0000 F100.0
N2790 G01 Y-17.5000 F50.0
N2800 G01 X50.5000
N2810 G01 Y-7.5000
N2820 G01 X-0.5000
N2830 G00 Z27.5000
N2840 G00
N2850 X50.5000 Y-17.5000
N2860 G01 Z11.0000 F100.0
N2870 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N2880 G00 Z27.5000
N2890 G00
N2900 X50.5000 Y-16.0000
N2910 G01 Z11.0000 F100.0
N2920 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N2930 G00 Z27.5000
N2940 G00
N2950 X50.5000 Y-14.5000
N2960 G01 Z11.0000 F100.0
N2970 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N2980 G00 Z27.5000
N2990 G00
N3000 X50.5000 Y-13.0000
N3010 G01 Z11.0000 F100.0
N3020 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N3030 G00 Z27.5000
N3040 G00
N3050 X50.5000 Y-11.5000
N3060 G01 Z11.0000 F100.0
N3070 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N3080 G00 Z27.5000
N3090 G00
N3100 X50.5000 Y-10.0000
N3110 G01 Z11.0000 F100.0
N3120 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N3130 G00 Z27.5000
N3140 G00
N3150 X50.5000 Y-8.5000
N3160 G01 Z11.0000 F100.0
N3170 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N3180 G00 Z27.5000
N3190 G00
N3200 X50.5000 Y-7.5000
N3210 G01 Z11.0000 F100.0
N3220 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N3230 G00 Z27.5000
N3240 G01 Z11.0000 F100.0
N3250 G01 Y-17.5000 F50.0
N3260 G01 X50.5000
N3270 G01 Y-7.5000
N3280 G01 X-0.5000
N3290 G00 Z27.5000
N3300 G00
N3310 X50.5000 Y-17.5000
N3320 G01 Z10.0000 F100.0
N3330 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N3340 G00 Z27.5000
N3350 G00
N3360 X50.5000 Y-16.0000
N3370 G01 Z10.0000 F100.0
N3380 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N3390 G00 Z27.5000
N3400 G00
N3410 X50.5000 Y-14.5000
N3420 G01 Z10.0000 F100.0
N3430 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N3440 G00 Z27.5000
N3450 G00
N3460 X50.5000 Y-13.0000
N3470 G01 Z10.0000 F100.0
N3480 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N3490 G00 Z27.5000
N3500 G00
N3510 X50.5000 Y-11.5000
N3520 G01 Z10.0000 F100.0
N3530 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N3540 G00 Z27.5000
N3550 G00
N3560 X50.5000 Y-10.0000
N3570 G01 Z10.0000 F100.0
N3580 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N3590 G00 Z27.5000
N3600 G00
N3610 X50.5000 Y-8.5000
N3620 G01 Z10.0000 F100.0
N3630 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N3640 G00 Z27.5000
N3650 G00
N3660 X50.5000 Y-7.5000
N3670 G01 Z10.0000 F100.0
N3680 G01 X-0.5000 F50.0
N3690 G00 Z27.5000
N3700 G01 Z10.0000 F100.0
N3710 G01 Y-17.5000 F50.0
N3720 G01 X50.5000
N3730 G01 Y-7.5000
N3740 G01 X-0.5000
N3750 G00 Z27.5000

N3760 (Standard 6mm Drill )
N3770 T2 M6
N3790 G00 Z27.50000
N3800 X25.0000 Y-12.5000
N3810 G81 X25.0000 Y-12.5000 Z-2.7321 R12.5 F50.0
N3830 G00 Z27.5000
N3840 M05
N3850 M30

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