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14-04-2011, 12:58 PM
Dear fellow members,

Being faced with the prospect of my first virgin post on the forum, it brings me great pleasure to say thank you all for making this a welcoming content enriched site to visit. I have been a fly on the way for many months researching on ideas and gaining knowledge to strengthen my understanding about CNC.

Like many before me, I too plan to embark on a project to design and build a CNC machine. Since I luck the required experience and skills to fully take this on myself. I have joined the forum to seek guidance, knowledge and most importantly to make friends with like minded people.

About my project
I have two robotic SUN L1000 tape libraries to use as donors for the project. Both libraries have 5 axis motion using various sized unipolar stepper motors.
My present thinking is to build a 3 axis POC (proof of concept) mini CNC machine using the motors from my dotmatrix printer, this machine will act as my learning platform together with the virtual machines I am currently using in Predator CNC Software and EMC3. After the POC I hope to be in the position of knowing what design to use and what purpose the machine will be engineered for. As you can imagine I have many questions to ask but they can wait for later posts :smile:.

Many thanks for reading my post.