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01-06-2011, 10:31 AM

I have for sale my little used CNC router.
The cutting area is 900*900*100mm.
It use servo motors with position feedback driven from a standalone controller, the controller has the ability to read g-code files from a usb stick or can be programed directly using the dedicated software.
The X and Y axis are belt driven and bearings ride on a polished ground shaft.
The Z axis is leadscrew driven.
The position accuracy is 0.1mm.

There is no spindle or spindle mount supplied with this machine.

The machine is located in the Shrewsbury area, it is heavy but could be transported with a transit sized box van.

I'm looking for 6400.00 sensible offers considered from interested parties.

Viewing is welcomed and recomended.

Phone: 01743441796 with any questions.

first to see will buy