View Full Version : FOR SALE: Denford Starmill coverted to Mach3

02-06-2011, 12:30 PM
This is a turn key system fully working.
You need do nothing more than connect it all together and you will be up and runng.
Denford Starmill
X 160mm
Y 100mm
Z 100mm
This machine uses R8 tooling.
There is a PC Monitor keyboard and mouse again all you need to be up and running in minutes
The gaurds have been removed but I still have them and all the fittings to put them back on they were just too tall for my workshop.
I have only had it around a year and it has never given my any problems just solutions. I am selling due to me wanting a larger machine a Triac it's big brother.
Please see the photos of the machine,
The paint may be chipped here and there but this does not affect the machine it is in very good working order, trust me if it wen't for the wife saying I could only have one mill I would never part with this little darling.
I can show the machine working when collected if needed and help anyone new to cnc to get started with a basic info sheet and my phone number so you have help if needed.
my email addy is on the add I will give my mob number if requested or PM me to disscus the machine

Price: 1,150.00
Collection Only

Rik Hutchcroft