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c cunningham
06-06-2011, 09:14 PM
For sale , a work in progess bed 3000mm x 900mm on a steel frame all the main bits present and working , dell PC 15in screen , 4 axis board , nema 34 x 4 , chain driven X&Y Z screw driven , gantry made from birch ply bed is a formica work top Have steel box with fans mounted and E stop , limit swiches ect included , will take a LARGE rougter or other !! .
Few design odditys if you like, it can work off bed! as in off the end and side of the bed , Like I said a work in progess , rails are 3mm x 75mm aluminum runns on V grove skate berings , which need replaceing (will explain to any one interested) . Designed to take a sheet of matereal 10ft x 2ft so perfect for kitchen unit makeing and also to work OFF BED to dovetail or engrave items , sounds weird but I am a cabinate maker and it would be usefull for morticeing and other opeations on large peices! , Imagine how much you would get for a 10 ft + engraved Oak beam!!! the Z axis is 300mm at a guess (no mesured it yet) and can go 25mm at least lower than o bed hight was going to use the 4th axis to turn posts , dont think you would need anything fancy to do this as I have a roughter lathe and think the moter with a chuck mounted on it would do it no prob ! . Its a rough and ready cnc that needs work ALSO the idea of a cnc that can work out side its own bed area is MINE I have documented all the build . SOOO it owes me about 2000 in matereals ECT any one intersetsed ?? HAVE to sell it coz ...... Phone 07734295739 I will NOT answer tp unknown numbers so TEXT me only !!!! thanks for the interst and sorry for the typeing LOL , got loads of photos and vid