View Full Version : Cnc Mill Price Help Please

25-06-2011, 03:40 PM
Hi all
Been a while since iv been on here but thought it the best place to ask this question.
I have an Axminster X2 mill that i retrofitted to cnc and run off mach 3 that im considering selling but dont know what price tag to stick on it or even if its something that will sell.
The machine had all the screws changed to ball screws and nuts and over sized balls to keep backlash down to next to nothing and all the bracket work and screws came from CNC Fusion at a cost of about 400 and i used 23 size steppers and drives from Motion control (link below) at a cost of around another 400+.
All the control gear is tucked away in a nice box attached to the back of the colum.
I have a proper machine vice, full clamp kit,side lock holder,collet chuck,drill chuck and face mill arbour for this machine and Mach 3 is installed on a P4 computer which comes with a 15" flat screen monitor,mouse and key board and i also have a spare set of gears for the head (always like to keep spares in case anything happens) that i will also throw in and even the table its sat on if somone needs it (foc).
Iv used this machine on and off for about a year and its been a cracking little machine and very accurate for what it is but its now time to let it go to make space for new projects so can someone tell me if its worth selling and if so what to ask for it please????