View Full Version : CONVERSION: Optimum BF20L Conversion

17-07-2011, 06:00 PM
Not quite a build log as I'm almost there but still a bit to do ;)

Lots of bits and a vague idea of what I'm actually doing

All mounted on a board ready for testing

After a few...ok quite a lot of false starts, some head scratching and some help from Hood on the mach3 support forum.....it's alive...ALIVE
http://rikk.smugmug.com/Scale-4x4/Machining/CNC-Conversion/i-JLPwtfp/0/S/MVI1013-S.jpg (http://rikk.smugmug.com/Scale-4x4/Machining/CNC-Conversion/17702700_5j33JZ#1355234094_JLPwtfp-A-LB)

The idea is to get everything mounted up, then redo all the mounts again properly once it's working.
X axis springs to life.
http://rikk.smugmug.com/Scale-4x4/Machining/CNC-Conversion/i-gZcrXWM/0/S/MVI1014-S.jpg (http://rikk.smugmug.com/Scale-4x4/Machining/CNC-Conversion/17702700_5j33JZ#1368988809_gZcrXWM-A-LB)

Y axis in, lets cut something....errr NO...get the pen out ;)
http://rikk.smugmug.com/Scale-4x4/Machining/CNC-Conversion/i-Nksq4SK/0/S/MVI1015-S.jpg (http://rikk.smugmug.com/Scale-4x4/Machining/CNC-Conversion/17702700_5j33JZ#1372258531_Nksq4SK-A-LB)

Hmmm, not much room...where to put the electronics? In the cupboard :) My bench goes all along the wall in front of the cupboard door, with a slide out section so I can get to the cupboard when needed. Yes it still needs tidying ;p

Screen on the cupboard door with a "modified" tilt/turn/swivel mount

Ahhh, all neat and tidy (yes it is ;p ) with some very makeshift swarf guards over the steppers, when the new mounts are made they will be boxed in with ali sheet.

Z mount all designed and ready to cut, but lets try it with the pen first...me nervous...NAH ;) Couple of false starts on how to zero, but Hood came through again.