View Full Version : Buying a new CNC router

30-08-2011, 10:52 PM

I hope someone can help?

We're a startup company looking to buy a CNC router for cutting ply to make bespoke furniture. Previously we've subcontracted this but now will be doing it ourselves. However, there seem to be a huge number of companies making and selling them.. and far too few used machines around. Can anyone recommend machines and/or tell my why those from America seem to be twice the cost of UK made ones?!

The manufacturers we've looked at are Excel (HD1224 cnc router), AXYZ (4008), Multicam (1000, 3000 series), Maxicam (possibily MAXI-W 1325)...

Has anyone used these and would the recommend them? Anything else you'd recommend instead?

Hope someone can help!