View Full Version : CNC Lathe recommendations?

07-09-2011, 08:51 PM
I am looking to build/buy a CNC lathe, mostly for pen making, but I would also like to turn some stainless too. It really needs to have at the very least 300mm between centres, 400mm or more would be very preferable.

Originally my budget was 1000, but once I realised that the sherline I was looking at was 1000 without the motors or anything, it kind of became "as cheap as possible".

It would also cost about the same buy a sieg SC3 and a SX2 to mill the parts to convert it using these plans (http://www.jfettigmachines.com/lathekit.html) (or just pay someone to make the parts, and save the difference) but I am not sure how well the stock screws will perform?

So at this point I am wide open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance.