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27-09-2011, 07:19 PM
Well I have been trawling the web looking for some help with my CNC machine and decided to join the MYCNC.UK site.

So hi to all and here's a bit about myself -

I am an electronics engineer by trade and for the last 15 years been involved with a lot of electro mechanical designs. About 3 years ago I decided that I would build a small workshop so that I can make small mechanical parts mainly for myself. I looked for a small milling machine and while at an exhibition I purchased a Wabeco FS1210E with the full CNC package. The software package is by another German company www.Pcdreh.de (http://www.Pcdreh.de) the version that I am running is Pclathe for windows (although its called Pclathe it contains the milling package). You virtually draw the object then run a simulation, then machine the object, the demonstration made it look so simple!
The machine arrived and I set it all up and installed the software on a small embedded PC that I had built. The instructions were not very clear, although they had been translated from German into English, a lot of the screen text boxes are still in German. I contacted the supplier who was not very helpfull and I basically gave up with the CNC side of things and used the mill manually.
About a month ago I spent some time getting used to the software again, and I have finally managed to create the drawings and machine some parts but the software is still causing some issues. I have emailed the software company and 2 weeks have passed and still no reply. It is a shame as I find the software a reasonably easy package to use apart from the lack of support for both the supplier of the machine and the software company. If there is anyone else running this software then it would be nice to hear from you and exhange bugs!
(The software can be downloaded from Pcdreh and used as a demo version)


27-09-2011, 11:34 PM
It maybe easier retro fitting so it could be used with Mach3.? It would mean drawing and generating G-code in external software but you would have far more support and flexabilty.

28-09-2011, 12:18 AM
It looks like a reasonable software package, and going by my basic german, it does output G-code.

I wouldn't mind having a play with it, but there's no files listed on the download page...

28-09-2011, 09:03 AM
I had thought about using different software, scanned lots of forums, downloaded Bobcad, mach3, etc.. played with turbocad but at the end of ther day the PClathe still appeared to be the simplest software.

28-09-2011, 09:23 AM
www.pcdreh.de , software, download, +voll, then you need to dowload "pcdreh fur windows update" R19 and click on the English floppy disc, down load box will show windreh_r17_eng.zip (24meg file) save this file, then extract and run. On the update page there is also an R19 version R19 B8 but this does not appear to run.
When you run the program click on the milling icon then the program will look for the dongle and when it does not find it it will run in demo mode. First and most important thing to do go to top menu - F8(syst),F5(pc),F1(setup) and select the "DOT" for decimal point otherwise you will spend hours/days trying to figure out why the lines go all over the place.