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02-10-2011, 06:47 PM
Hi All

I have got to have a clearout so here is my Proxxon BWF40/E Spindle.
I purchased this before my Router was built and as the build progressed my router got much bigger so in the end I purchased a water cooled spindle.
The proxxon has not been used much at all, in fact HankMcSpank has used this more than me, I sent it down for him to try out and he endded up buying one(I didn't want to sell mine at the time).
Here is a link to all the info http://www.powertooldirect.co.uk/proxxon_bwf40e_milldrill_system_bfw_40-p-90846.html
Since Rob returned it has been up my loft in its box not being used so hence the sale.

Here is a link to my Youtube video of my machine doing its first ever cut which was using the Proxxon so you can see how quiet it is (this was one of the main reasons Hank purchased one)


As you can see from the link above these are retailing at 150 inc vat

The price I am looking for is 80 +P&P.

If anyone is interested I can post pics of the actual unit




02-10-2011, 09:03 PM
just posting to put you back to the top.