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14-11-2011, 01:53 PM
Newbie here so be gentle with me 8-).
Can anyone suggest a benchtop CNC machine that will 3d digital scan and also machine small very detailed items ie jewellery etc?
I used to own a Roland MDX-20 which did the job fine but wondered if there are any other machines that will do the job in a similar price range (2000) i must mention that i'm no engineer so the easier to use the better, i sold my MDX-20 due to health problems but thought i'd give it another go.
Max size i would need to scan/machine would be A4 size and approx 2-3" deep (very technical LoL) i will be using foam and wax for most of the work but would be nice if i could engrave alloy/brass/wood if possible.
Also needs to be easy software as per Modela/3d etc as per supplied with my Roland.
The main thing i want is very fine detailed work.
Regarding scanning i have seen lots of CNC machines that don't do 3d scanning so would you be able to buy a scanner to add to one of these? sorry for my ignorance but since my last machine technology has leapt light years ahead of my grey matter and slowly trying to get my head round todays goodies 9-)
Cheerio and great forum

14-11-2011, 08:45 PM
i think for 3d scanning you gonna be bumping the price up alot...

but for size, i run a sherline mill (denford Minimill) and its beautiful.. compact and can do alot.

Tiag mill or something is the size i think you would want

16-11-2011, 07:39 PM
Having done a little browsing i agree regarding the 3d scanner it will bump up the price, looks like i will have to spend more 8-)
I liked the Roland MDX-20 as it was very easy to set-up/use and even a complete novice like myself managed to produce some great items but would like a bit larger work area. Has anyone used the Roland MDX-40? is it just a larger version of the MDX-20 or is it Pro spec?
I will do some more research before splashing the cash.
Thanks again for your reply