View Full Version : X3 Vs AMD 25LV (Weiss WMD 25LV) for CNC conversion

18-11-2011, 09:12 AM
So the question is which is most suitable, Im thinking either long table X3 or Armadeal 25LV. Some people say the 25LV has a stiffer column and the table seems a shade larger which would be good for a 4th axis.

Will 16mm 5mm pitch ballscrews be ok for both these with direct drive 269oz Nema 23s (maybe belt on Z?)

X3 seems to have lots of off the shelf conversions avail and lots of info on forums (any recomendations CNC fusion, rhonmac etc), but less so the amadeal (who else sells this as I think its a Weiss WMD 25LV?)

Ill be making parts for racing cars, mainly alluminuium but if I get realy clever maybe porting cylinder head chambers (only Austin A series so smallish) and some steel parts!!!

I have read the article in MEW on the Armadeal and it seems to be be slightly better made but could be a pain for X axis ballnuts (some milling needed I think)?

As far as drives go I already have a xylotex 4 axis with steppers (76mm long) that came from a simple CNC conversion(it was worth a stab, I was going to use it to build an FLA100 router anyhow so may still do that when I have a CNC mill to make the parts (cariages etc)!!. Will this work or should I think about an upgrade as I think it may be on its limits.




18-11-2011, 11:20 AM
Ive found that cnczone benchtop sections is mostly about cnc conversions on these types of mills. there is alot of information..