View Full Version : NEW MEMBER: East London Inventors Club

08-12-2011, 08:36 AM
I run a small club that helps people develop their ideas. The East London Inventors Club was formed in 2004 by and for inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs. It is a non-profit making club run on a voluntary basis which serves to stimulate, encourage and promote the development of membersí new invention ideas, mainly up to the stage of business start-up.
Members range from lone beginners to experienced professionals - male and female of all ages, from many different countries of origin.

Until recently we had good relations with various Universities commercial operations and made use of their facilities. As many of you will be aware cutbacks at Universities have reduced these facilities and these are now only available to the students.

We need people who have the facilities and are able to manufacture good quality one-off prototypes to small scale runs at reasonable costs. If acceptable I will post such requests in the Classified Ads, Buy, Sell & Request as and when required. I've just put such a request there.