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28-12-2011, 03:55 PM
Still tinkering with this machine at the moment. When i use the jog facillity in Mach3 all the axis seem to move ok, no binding etc. But when i try one of the demos available with this programme, all the axis sound like they are binding and hardly move at all. What am i doing wrong:confused:

28-12-2011, 05:48 PM
By demo's if you mean the road runner code etc then they use imperial units, this will most likely be the problem.
So when it say F60 for instance it means 60 inch per minute which is actually 1524mm/min but because your system is set to metric then it see's 60 and moves at 60mm/min not 1524mm/min.
I bet the size is very small as well.? for Just the same reason, when it says x1.1 the original code means move X Axis 1.1 inch but Mach see's 1.1 and moves 1.1mm.

I have 2 profiles setup, one for metric and one for Imperial. It's easier than messing around changing settings and re-tuning the motors or pissing about doctoring code Etc.
If you want to do this, just make a copy of the profile you use now then set the native units to imperial then restart Mach (very important) then re-tune the motors. (Just times the existing Axis steps per setting by 25.4)

If you open the code in note pad then look for the F## and replace with higher number it will run smooth. Easier to just use find & replace function of notepad.
It will still be small unless you scale all the Coord's by 25.4 or the quick way is to use the scale function in Mach which you'll find at the side of the DRO's.
Just remember to set it back to 0 because mach doesn't do it for you even if you shut down and restart.

28-12-2011, 08:40 PM
Thanks Jazz, it is those demo's i was trying to do. It so easy now you have explained and your right it was small