View Full Version : Cable + Connector issues

09-01-2012, 06:56 PM

I currently own this cnc machine link (http://www.carving-cnc.com/3020series/cnc3020t-router-engraver-drilling-and-milling-machine.html) which has been working without any issues at all for weeks when all of a sudden in the middle of a job it went all over the place! After lots of trial and error and buying various different parts to try and fix the problem i have finally narrowed it down to an intermittent fault on the X-Axis wire. My problem is i have very little technical knowledge about anything electronics related in fact this is the first cnc machine that i have ever owned so its a bit confusing at times. My question is what wire do i need I've done a few searches and have seen lots of different things about cy and sy wiring but its just gibberish to me! Plus all of the searching I've done would suggest to me that I'm going to have to make up my own wire, Putting the end connectors on myself which i have even less of an idea about. I have taken some pictures of the naff wire for you guys to have a look.

Can i buy a wire with the connectors on ready made? What wire and connections do i need to build my own?

Not wanting to state the obvious but one end goes into the control box and the other connects to the motors.