View Full Version : FOR SALE: Strong steel welded base with ground flat surface.

14-01-2012, 06:20 PM
Hullo all.

I am having a massive clear out due to an extension over the garage, MY space is smaller! So, I have a base / frame, very very robustly constructed welded steel. It was used as a base for my mill and since I constructed a wooden base to incorporate pc / keyboard etc (to save space) and is now surplus. My mill has sat on it for the last 15 years. There is some surface rust but only minor. It's powder coated baked enamel blue. Would idealy suit as a base for something like the Chester Champion 16V, 20V, Century or a small NC mill. It wouldn't take much to box it in to make draws / cupboard for tools.
There is also a top to it, it was origionally a base for a manual digtiser, the top has a 10mm thick surface ground steel plate. The top has surface rust so isn't flat by my standards but would polish up easily. There are some mount holes it it already.

Height with feet 87.5cm (frame is 83.5)
Width is 59cm
Depth is 44cm
Top holes are 36 x 51 cm centres bored m10 clear and all ground flat.
It is constructed from 1 3/4 inch "L" steel 1/4 inch thick. The top plates are 3x3inches. It weighs about 25-30kg ish (guess), I haven't metricated yet but it's heavy.

The separate top section is made from 1 1/2 inch by 3 inch, 1/4 thick box steel with a 10mm surface ground steel plate surface. It wieghs about the same.
It is all welded, not spot or tacked (see photo).
It has four adjustable felt bottomed feet.

It could be easily used on it's side or on it's front to give a bigger base area and is ideal for a mill, drill or small lathe. It's obviously a buyer pick up but I would be happy to deliver it within a very resonable negotiable range for the cost of diesel @ 30mpg. (This probably won't be tonight, or tomorrow or the day after due to work load!!) But will likely be within a fortnight. I am based in Rothwell, Northamptonshire.

I have included a pic of the mill and it's new wooden base to show what used to sit on it.

It's engineered, very flat, very stiff, very strong and very stable. It has to be worth 50. 60 and you get the top section as well. Would very much prefer Paypal butwould be happy to consider any reasonable method of payment.