View Full Version : Help and Advice sought about new motor for my mill

26-01-2012, 07:04 PM
Hi everyone,
I have a small chinese mill and a couple of days ago I rather pushed it beyond its limits. The motor got extremely hot and then everything shut
down causing an rcd in my fusebox to switch. Now whenever I try to switch my mill on it throws the rcd again. So I have either killed the motor,
(its a dc 600w type 91ZYT005) the controller board (JYMC 220B I) or the filter board. I can get spares, but the question is which of the
components is faulty and what tests can I run to find out? Bearing in mind that I am not an electrical engineer. Today I removed all the
electronic boards from their housing and inspected them but nothing looked burnt. I took photos of the connections before I undid all the

Has anyone had a similar experice and solved it so could offer some advice or assistance. Does anyone know which component is most probably
affected and how I can check. Or should I just replace all three?

At present it is a manual mill, I was going to add steppers etc in the coming months but obviously now the priority is to fix the mill
so it runs again. However I am wondering how difficult it would be to replace the existing dc motor with a 3 phase ac one connected to an
inverter as an alternative, as this would allow me to control the speed automatically when I do complete the cnc conversion. It seems to me
that I just need to machine a housing to support the motor (how!! now mill not working). Has anyone any experience of doing that and can
offer some assistance?