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14-02-2012, 02:12 PM
Hi everebody...
I'm a noob and I've spent lot of months keep reading within several forums, in order to learn and understand the basics of this awesome technology.
I'm 54 yo, and I use to work as an IT consultant since the early 80's. I own a small company here in italy, where with 3 employees, we split our activities in two completely different areas, 50% of job time is taken for conventional networking, office automation and web development, on the other side we use to manage, maintain and repair some critical PLC systems, working for some of the italian main oil and refining companies. We're specialized in vapor recovery units building and revamping.
Motorbikes are my firs love, and I own an Honda CBR RR Fireblade and an old Suzuki Bandit 1.2 (modded and tuned far beyond my country road set of rules). Unfortunately my back is no longer responding to my willings, or in other words... I finally had to realize that I'm no more in my 20's, adapting the original bending habits to a more confortable and less aggressive riding style, and this is a real pain in my... :wink:
Despite the evidence, I keep riding in any season and weather, And I use to partecipate almost every year to the Elephantentreffen, in southern germany, an historical rally famous for the extreme weather conditions being organized in genuary (20 C below and far more), and often collecting more than 10.000 people strictly coming by their bikes, well organized to survive for three days in the middle of nowhere. I knew fellaw of every kind in that place, not even humans:lol:.
I like mechanics, and I have in my garage a ZAY45 mill, a CQ9332 lathe, a bandsaw, oxyacetilenic kit an other minor self made tools that I put together in the last years.
Anyway... stop boring you, I'd like to partecipate in order to improve my abilities and maybe, giving you something back, if I can...
PS: sorry for my poor english, I use to speak it more confortably than i write it, nonetheless I hope you would have catched the main picture :smile: