View Full Version : been playing this weekend

27-02-2012, 06:08 PM
Hello all well I've been playing this weekend well not me but Luke.
I just helped with the drawing side of the play

I wanted to see how well corian cut on a CNC Machine.I must say "like a hot knife through butter" comes to mind

Anyway here is Luke's semi-finished game the corian need cleaning up and polishing, I might change the corian for ali parts and plate them not sure yet


If anyone wants the file for the O&X game let me know I will send you it:joker::joker::joker:. I would like to know why I had to apply offset to the corian part (.020) as cutting one side of the line on the board and then cutting the other side of the line was a bit tight. I don't know why this happened maybe backlash??