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27-03-2012, 03:04 AM
These cuts are the foundation forfurniture and cabinet building and now they can be created in just afew minutes using Cambium Code Standard. A complete g-code programcan be generated very quickly by simply entering parameters for stocksize, cut size and placement, feed rates, etc.

This approach is backwards from thestandard process of designing in a CAD package, exporting to a CAMpackage, then generating a g-code file. Our method will save youconsiderable time, since you need only enter a handful of parametersand some standard text.

With Scripts to Generate Part Modelsin SketchUp
In addition to generating G-code,plugins are available for Google SketchUp which will automaticallygenerate the part in SketchUp.

The program – CambumCode Standard –is available for download at[/URL]
http://www.cambiummachines.com/CambiumCodeStandard.html (http://www.cambiummachines.com/)

You may also be interested in out toolfor setting up CNC routers running on Mach3, which is available at

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