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Lee Roberts
31-03-2012, 10:42 PM
TUSTIN, CA - Meet the G215: Powerful, versatile, and bulletproof, the G215 was designed for the budget conscious as an alternative to larger, more expensive motor controls. Built to OEM specifications, it allows for high performance and precision control at a low price. This drive is the culmination of over ten years of motor control development and outperforms step motor drives that are five times the cost and six times the size. Using time-tested circuitry and proprietary techniques in both operation and manufacturing, the G215 is the most advanced motor control in its price range.

The G215 operates with exceptional smoothness at all speeds because of its sub-microstep abilities. This means that there is minimal noticeable vibration at any speed because of the unique linear interpolation between microstep locations. If you want to run your motor at 1RPM or 1000RPM, the G215 will be the smoothest controller on the market.

Using proprietary Advanced Resonance Compensation (ARC) Technology, the G215 eliminates third harmonic distortion at low speeds. Linearity no longer matters when used with the G215, and every stepper motor can be optimized for low speed microstep operation. Built with an onboard Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO), the G215 can perform simple tasks completely autonomously in four speed ranges. Whether running a conveyor belt, used in time lapse photography, or controlling a linear slide, the G215 is the right drive for any job requiring simple automation.

As with all Geckodrive motor controls, the G215 comes with a full warranty and technical support. Every product sold by Geckodrive is made in California and is manufactured to extremely high quality standards. We offer some of the shortest lead times in the industry, meaning you can rely on us to deliver products when you need them. When price, quality, and customer service matter, Geckodrive motor controls is in a class of its own.


Click here for the G215 Step and Direction / VCO Motor Control Flyer (PDF) (http://www.geckodrive.com/images/fck_uploads/G215%20Information%20Sheet.pdf)

I maybe a little late posting this but hope some of you may have an intrest and dont know about the new unit yet.