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13-05-2012, 10:21 PM
Hey guys,

Does anybody here have any experience with the Mitsubishi FR-D700 series varible frequency drives? More specifically, I'm looking for information on how to control one through Mach3, but any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for all your time, help, and cooperation...


Adam Collins

Web Goblin
14-05-2012, 09:00 AM
I thuink I fitted one of them to my lathe a while ago. It should be fairly straight forward to fit and control. It has an analogue input you can control via a pot.
Rs components has the installation guides for this on its website : http://docs-europe.electrocomponents.com/webdocs/0dee/0900766b80deee35.pdf
or here for the full list : http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/inverter-drives/6910010/


Jon S
17-05-2012, 06:22 AM
I have one set up using Mach3 - What do you want to know?

28-05-2012, 08:13 PM
Web Goblin,

Thanks for the info! The first link, the installation guide, was the manual that came with the FR-D720S-070-NA that I had purchased new from Luke Lancaster at VFDs.com. I honestly haven't had time to sort through the rest of the info on the site you linked to, but I still need to finish wiring in the extra 220VAC 30A breaker that will be dedicated to powering this VFD/spindle motor. I'm still awaiting the arrival of the 3450RPM 1HP J56J frame 3-phase motor I purchased to use with the inverter, too. I've bookmarked that site so I can refer to it if and when I need to (which I'm sure I will-I have plenty of electronics experience too, but I've not yet installed a VFD so I'm sure I will have a few questions about some of the more unfamiliar connections and features)...

Jon S,

That's GREAT news! I have the 220V single-phase input to 208-230V output 2HP version to power a 1HP 3450RPM 3-phase motor. I've noticed that there is both a 0-5VDC and a 0-10VDC analog frequency setting input on these, but I'm a little rusty on Mach3 at the moment (since I've gotten used to Fadal, Mitsubishi, and Centurion controls at work-and just operating those, not setting them up) and I can't seem to find my printed Mach3 manual right now. I would assume the 0-10VDC input would allow for more precise speed control; that is an option with Mach, isn't it? Is that the approach you took, or if not which method did you use to control the spindle speed through Mach3?

What about your maximum speed settings? What kind of motor are you using (HP rating, rated RPM, etc)? How about the connection between the spindle and the motor? I chose the 3450RPM motor so I could have a direct drive from the motor to the spindle without the need for any gear changes (which would make setting up the spindle for complete CNC control more complex than I would like, and in my application, a Sieg C3 [don't laugh at me-I have to work with what I have for the time being], I can remove the bull gear and all related two-speed components to install an internal single PPR encoder wheel and sensor for direct reading of spindle speed via Mach). I figured I could safely run 5K-5,200RPM at around 90Hz with the 3450RPM motor, even though these inverters can output up to 400Hz(!). I've been informed that the motor itself is the limiting factor on maximum speed, but have heard that most should be safe to operate at 50% over their rated speed/Hz, unless one would want to invest in a high-dollar "real" CNC spindle motor with an integrated brake, and my wonderful family still has issues with my tool budget on occasion. ;)

A basic overview of your spindle control system would be great, as I'm sure I'll have plenty more questions when I get further into this project, but having a solid plan and tried, true, and tested model to follow should make my conversion move along at a MUCH faster rate. You could contact me at rxforspeed@yahoo.com for a faster response time, since my job requires long hours and many stressful days I rarely get the chance to check this site on any PC here at home. Luckily for me I have today (Memorial day here in the US) off so I was able to check this thread...

Again, I really appreciate your time, help, and cooperation!


Adam Collins

Jon S
31-05-2012, 07:24 AM
I have a PMDX-107 driving the VFD, I suggest you look at the functionality of that.