View Full Version : NEW MEMBER: complete newbie here :)

18-05-2012, 08:37 PM
Well here goes...

started out at uni with a degree in 3d design and animation, zero job's available! managed to get a job as a fitter for a component matianence firm then managed to get a jjob through a very well worded cv and cover letter explaining my interest in machining and knowledge of 3d design..

i have been working for this firm for going on 4 months and i am lucky enough to have been put on a machine which is a xyx smx 5000 i believe...

with no prior knowledge of machining i am being sent away for a weeks training starting on monday then i am being trained on my specific machine in house then after 9 months i will be shadowing a retiring gentleman on a nicolas carrera fp50 so i thought i better get my arse in gear and start learning this stuff at home as well as at work!

i have very limited tools at the min so i will be looking to buy them here and there and mainly any tips and advice that can be given with be greatly appreciated!