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04-07-2012, 01:20 PM
Hello all,

Started out as a Toolmaker in 1980 in the aerospace sector and slowly found myself in tool and fixture design and then production engineering of prototype and new project work using CADDS 4X and Solidworks etc. for various military and civil aircraft types. Worked on high speed 5 axis machining in mid to late 80's before it was really fully understood or talked about.

Changed direction slightly and entered the automotive sector producing high pressure die casting moulds and tooling for gearbox and clutch cases etc. and low pressure cylinder head and alloy wheel moulds for various European cars.

Left engineering completely after 22 years approx 10 years ago but have recently had my interest rekindled due to a personal friend. Have found I still have an underlying attraction to engineering in its various guises including 3D CADCAM and high speed machining. Thought I would register on some popular CNC forums to see what's happening at the moment.