View Full Version : FAKE FLASH ON EBAY - Advice + Test Program !

Lee Roberts
17-12-2008, 04:17 PM
There is a big problem on eBay with most Hong Kong / Chinese sellers who sell items like memory cards, USB flash drives and MP3 players.

Read this carefully - don't get burned in the FAKE FLASH FLAMES - save yourself from financial and data loss at the hands of the fraudsters.

Don't be fooled by good feedback, when you connect these devices to your computer, they WILL show the capacity claimed, however they are hacked to do this and in most cases they will have only a quarter of the claimed capacity.

You do not have to buy anything to help you sort out the good from the bad.

Just download a very small free program called "H2testw" H2TESTW

From: http://www.heise.de/ct/Redaktion/bo/downloads/h2testw_1.4.zip

It will fill your device with numbers and letters in 1000Mb lots and then try to read it back.

If your device works as claimed it will tell you the test ran without problems. If not, you will get a report telling you the REAL capacity of the drive and how much data was lost or corrupted.

The whole idea is to make ebayers aware of the hackers out there who are defrauding people and causing data loss.

Please warn your friends about the fake flash on eBay.


Lee Roberts
17-12-2008, 04:35 PM