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17-07-2012, 10:34 PM
hi guys, been lurking over at cnczone for the last week trying to pick up information as i'm 100% new to cnc so i'm basicly reading lots and trying to decide what kind of machine i want.

noticed this site on one of the posts over there so here i am.

i mainly work with acrylic sheet, mdf sheet at the moment but i think once i come to realise the potential of cnc i'll be expanding to alu and some harder woods.

so any tips you can throw my way then please feel free, i want to keep costs low as possible so thinking a wood machine to start with, with a view to later re-doing the parts in alu when money permits i have however decided to skip straight past standard threaded rod and go straight to ballscrew, other than that i have no clue what size to build, what kind of ballscrew, what size motors, where the best place to buy in uk ect..

also i need to learn the software side of things aswell, while i have no experience here i'm very willing to learn and i'm sure i'll pick it up quite well