View Full Version : Draftsight users

24-07-2012, 09:51 AM
Are there any/many regular Draftsight users on this forum? If so, how do you rate it compared to other CAD packages (free or otherwise)

24-07-2012, 03:25 PM
For a 2D cad program, I can honestly say it works very well. Use it all the time and of course can't beat the price. When I was a working stiff, used autocad and the learning curve was minimal. As I do cnc work, including some engraving; the only feature I miss is having the express tools so text can be "exploded" into elements suitable for my cam package. For the "free" version, there is no real "official" support, however there is a forum where you can get answers and give suggestions that is moderated by the company. The free version also requires internet access initially to "activate" the program and then again at 6 month intervals.
In the past, I also used ProgeCAD, but it has not been updated since 2009 and as a result cannot access newer .dwg files that you run across every once in a while.

As stated, I use it just about every day and highly recommend it.