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Purelogic RnD
08-08-2012, 12:53 PM
New Purelogic 4(6) axis CNC breakout board

Supply voltage: 12V, Max current: 200mA

Brand new PLD-based board have following main features:

Compatible with any LPT СNC software (STEP/DIR - Mach, TurboCNC, etc.).
Charge Pump support
Advanced PWM->voltage converter
6 optoisolated inputs, 3 power outputs(high-current 6A/220V relays control)
Coolant pump timer
Motor connection by IDC10 or RJ45 jack
STEP pulse built-in test oscillator

One supply voltage is used for the whole circuit; board smooth start system.
Simultaneous control of up to 6 stepper/servo motor drivers.
Control signal buffering. All control signals from LPT-port of PC pass through current amplifying buffer cell (each contact current is amplified to 10mA). LPT-port signals are buffered to prevent failure of port. Board can be connected to any port with 3.3-5V logical unit.
Connection to LPT-port via standard DB-25M type or IDC-26 type connector.
Connection of external back-up LED for relay trip and optical inputs is provided.

User manual is here (http://www.purelogic.ru/doc/PDF/Controller/PLC4x-G2_en_beta.pdf)
How to buy: check "contacts" page on http://plmotion.com or email me: avv at purelogic.ru.
Price: 77USD
More info about Purelogic RnD breakout boards is here: Breakout boards (BOBs) (http://plmotion.com/Netshop-en/bob/)