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John S
08-09-2012, 02:27 PM

We like to take great pride in how well our thriving community does; it also makes the network and sites friendly places to participate. Our aim is to take a transparent and common sense approach with forum rules and the moderating that is sometimes required.

So, before participating or using the forum further, please familiarize yourself with the rules and guidelines set out below.

What you should do:

Post threads in the correct and relevant forum. The “General Discussion” forum should only be used if your submission is not related to or covered by our other forums.
Get to know your fellow machinists, members and peers. Help out new members with any questions they may have, it’s always great to be active and courteously share your feedback. Affecting and participating in the community in a positive way is what we strive for.
Give respect to other members, site staff and of course the moderating team. We insist that you refrain from any personal attacks. If a thread or post gets personal or heated towards another member including members of the site staff the thread will be locked and/or removed from public viewing and further actions may be taken. This kind of behaviour will not be tolerated!
Use the site search facility before starting a new thread with a question, as the chances are it will have been answered and previously discussed.
If you have any issues or problems with using your account or any of its features, please direct your correspondence to our support team.

What you should NOT do:

Submit Spam. This includes posts aimed at promoting products other than where allowed or posts solely aimed at increasing post count with little or no useful content. Threads of this nature will be removed and users will be warned and/or banned from using the forum. Spam is not welcome on our network and will not be tolerated!
Avoid creating duplicate threads and/or posts as they will be merged with your original submissions and/or removed. We like to keep the forums as clean as we can; if you desperately need an answer to a question, do a site search before posting again as there is a good chance the topic has already been discussed.
Submit any threads and/or posts discussing or linking to piracy, warez sites, pirated software and/or anything else that could be considered as facilitating. More damage than good is normally done and any threads and/or posts of this nature will be instantly removed.
Do your best not to go extremely off the topic of the thread in question, we understand that the forums are a fun place and that a little off topic discussion doesn’t hurt but you should note that the moderators may step in on some occasions in an effort to steer the discussion back on track if they feel it is needed.
Discuss or link to objectionable and/or offensive topics. This is not permitted and includes but is not limited to: things of a violent nature, pornography, sexism, racism and/or other discriminatory subjects, this includes things considered to be as a “joke”. Religious and/or political discussions or anything considered to be of the same nature are not appropriate for these forums and will be removed from public viewing.
Create threads and/or posts deemed to be soliciting any kind of harassment, discrimination, flaming, trolling and/or behaviour considered by the site staff as intentionally abusive or inappropriate. Such content will be removed from public viewing.

Warnings and Forum Ban Policy
Unfortunately we will permanently and/or temporarily ban user accounts from using the forum for repeated disregard to or for persistent breaches to the rules; this includes our policies on any other form of consistent disruptive behaviour. Bans issued will usually be of a temporary nature and will only be enforced when we consider other alternatives have already been exhausted and considered to be unsuccessful.

Users that misrepresent their location are potentially subject to instant and permanent bans. We track the IP address on registration and of each post and this is used actively as an anti-spam mechanism. While this is primarily a UK forum we welcome users from around the world, but please don't tell us you are in Los Angeles when you are actually posting from Manila or China; we know it and you will get banned.

You should observe the rules in this document to avoid disruption to your access to the forum and/or account privileges. You should, at all times follow staff and moderators direction. Our moderators will report serious infractions and a ban; warning or further actions may result. If a user account is been banned (permanently and/or temporarily), you will still be able to view and browse the forums, however you will not be able to make submissions of any kind.
Access to other site services and/or features will however be maintained. In the event that your account has restrictions placed on it, a member of our support team will contact you at your registered email address with further information.

The Moderating Team
The moderating team is made up of members of the community who have volunteered and/or been selected to help lead the forums. Our moderator’s role in the community is to provide members with assistance they need and to ensure the forum rules are followed, they are here to help and treat you with respect, and we would like to ask that you also remain respectful towards them at all times.

The Moderating Team Members are:

“Mocha (http://www.mycncuk.com/forums/member.php/2710-mocha)” – Community Officer
“Jonathan (http://www.mycncuk.com/forums/member.php/2235-Jonathan)” – Community Officer
“irving2008 (http://www.mycncuk.com/forums/member.php/125-irving2008)” – Community Officer

Constructive Feedback & Anti-censorship
Your input and feedback is highly valued and we love receiving it. Providing submissions abide by the rules and/or guidelines set out in this document, we are more than happy to step back and take note of input or feedback we receive. However if you have any issues you would like to discuss privately, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Moderating Team are here to help and if you have questions about the forums please let them know!

Don’t forget to have Fun!
To finish off, we always encourage you to have fun above all, jump in and get to know your fellow machinists, please enjoy what the forums have to offer. The forum is definitely a friendly place with lots of talented knowledgeable people, we would love to see you participate and be a part of the community!

Shouldn't the hi lighted bit be listed under the heading

What you should do:


08-09-2012, 07:04 PM
(Par.3 rule 4) and (Par.4 Rule 2) .. thatís me sorry I got excited wonít happen again :shame::shame::shame:

09-09-2012, 02:34 PM
I would like to break, or at least bend, (Par.4 Rule 4) to say a big thank you to the moderators for all the work they put into this forum.