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06-10-2012, 11:45 PM
Dormer A002 TiN Jobber Drill bits
Prices are each except where shown for the smaller dia drill bits which will be as sets (in Red plastic tube) & Ill give a postage cost dependant on quantity (Ill post them 2nd or 1st class recorded delivery so there will be proof of posting & delivery)
Individual items Ill send protected in bubble wrap
General Purpose Drill - High Speed Steel Titanium Nitride coated for longer life, with good self-centring capability on a wide range of materials.
Particularly suitable for aluminium and other abrasive materials, ideal for drilling wood and chipboard.
Suitable for both hand and machine use.
3.2mm - 5.00 set of 5
3.5mm - 5.00 set of 5
4.2mm - 1.20 ea
4.5mm - 1.25 ea
5.0mm - 1.30 ea
5.1mm - 1.55 ea
6.0mm - 1.75 ea
6.5mm - 2.10 ea
6.8mm - 2.30 ea
8.0mm - 3.00 ea
10.2mm - 6.00 ea
11.0mm - 7.45 ea
12.0mm - 8.25 ea
12.5mm - 9.00 ea
13.0mm (not shown in pics - Ill add pic later) - 9.50 ea
9.5mm (Guhring) - 4.50 ea
Ive got two of these 25mm Dormer G136 countersink bits List price is over 100!!
50 ea
Dormer E500 Tap Sets
All taps are New & Unused
Metric Coarse Straight Flute Taps
Straight flute taps are the only type of taps that can be used by hand, but they may also be used in a machine if required. They can be used for either through or blind holes. When tapping blind holes straight flute taps should be used in sets. The three taps which form a set are known by more than one name.
1. Taper or First tap
2. Second or Intermediate tap
3. Bottoming, third or plug tap.
Metric coarse straight flute taps
Dormer Tap Set E500 M6 x 1.0mm (M6x1.0) No. 6 Metric Coarse Straight Flutes

M8 (2 off sets available, both exactly the same, one says India other says Sweden)
Dormer Tap Set E500 M8 x 1.25mm (M8x1.25) No. 6 Metric Coarse Straight Flutes
23 each

Dormer Tap Set E500 M10 x 1.5mm (M10x1.5) No. 6 Metric Coarse Straight Flutes
Dormer Tap Set E500 M12 x 1.75mm (M12x1.75) No. 6 Metric Coarse Straight Flutes
I can send further pics on request & will do a deal for multiple items
All items are new & unused
Bangor N Wales