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11-10-2012, 08:47 AM
Some American friends make their kit using THB6064AH.

Lucas designed 2 "full option" versions of this drive and tested them extensively, all details are on his website: http://users.skynet.be/ldt/CNC%20ele...THB6064AH.html (http://users.skynet.be/ldt/CNC%20electronics/THB6064AH.html) and can be ordered there.

A third version has also been developed for James as an addition to his line of products with some design differences for compatibility with that product line.
See the link in the previous post for the details of that design.
The new kit is /just/ about ready to ship. Preliminary documentation is at:
THB6064 MassMind Stepper Motor Driver Kit (http://www.massmind.org/Techref/io/stepper/THB6064/index.htm)

All 3 versions are available now but where's the initial animo for a great DIY price/performance drive gone?
Is there a need for assembled and tested drives iso DIY kit's? PCB's only?

Everything is possible, just ask. My email is yumin2191@163.com

17-10-2012, 10:32 AM
Just looked at the THB6064 datasheet and it's certainly a big improvement on the TB6560. It claims 50V and 4.5A, which if true would be a good cheap option for driving the common 3Nm stepper motors. Although those are the absolute maximum ratings so might get away with 4.2A but the voltage will have to be less than 50V...says in the datasheed 4A and 42V which is not too bad. It's about 16.50 for two ICs on eBay, so quite a significant saving over an m542 should be possible. Maybe I'll get one for testing purposes.

17-10-2012, 09:41 PM
I'm a member here for quite some time here and followed threads here but didn't post anything yet.

The DIY CNC virus has bitten me 10 years ago and since then I have been very active on the electronics side, especially stepper, BOB and servo drives.

All 3 designs where lihaijiang is referring to have been made by me.
These were tested beyond the chips limits and it didn't blow, this chip allows a performant low cost drive for DIY guys iso buying off the shelf drives, but it needs a good PCB design.
Do you intend to evaluate the chip using your own PCB design?

You can buy an evaluation PCB from lihaijiang or a "real" CNC drive from me at an evaluation price :-) .