View Full Version : Need Some Custom Machined Ball Screw Advice Please

12-10-2012, 05:09 PM
Im planning on using this setup for my x axis, dual 1610 screws held on bk/bf12 blocks (on adaptor plates [in green] to fit the extrusion).

The toal length of screw between the blocks i have planned for is 600mm. I also have 40mm of space from the screw side of the supported bearing to the back face of the extrusion. This gives 20 for the block, and 20 fresh air behind which is needed for mounting the adaptor block. and at the other end, from the screw side of the fixed bearing face to the back side of the extrusion i have 60mm, 34mm of which accounts for the bearing block. Therfore at that back side i have 26mm of space for mounting a pulley to the end of the shaft.

Basically if you can managed to work through that muggle of text, Im looking for a lift on how to specify exactly what i need regarding end machining.

Many thanks


12-10-2012, 09:37 PM

I think all i need is the standard end machining for the bf side, and for the bk end, the standard again, but for the lenth of E, see picture, instead of 15 im thinking of making it 22. this should still give 2mm of clearance between the end of the screw and the extrusion. by eck theres some thinking to do regarding a first build ey