View Full Version : RFQ: X & Z manufacture and design.

03-11-2012, 12:39 PM
Hey guys, I need a little help....

Due to work commitments I'm struggling to Finnish off the upgraded machine.

Description of project:
As I'm not the best person with CAD I'm looking to hire/pay someone to help design and maybe cut an X & Z assembly. Z axis has never been my strongpoint (god knows why) and I've always settled for something that works. But I've spend a lot of time and money to just settle for something that could be better.

Gantry description:
The main gantry is a Bosch rexroth extrusion at 160 x 80 1610mm long. On the top and bottom of that are 2 x TBR 20 rails and bearings.

The X axis is driven by a ballscrew hidden behind the gantry. (Distance for back plate and ballnut to match up can be measured for your drawings)

The Z axis can be fitted with hiwian rails or TBR I'm not fussed which.

This is a fairly urgent project.

Let me know if you need anymore details.

Any takers?