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18-11-2012, 07:42 PM
Hi All
I have searched the forum for an answer to my problem but can not find it any where......Does anyone know how I cut the wood around text ..leaving the text proud but everything around it reduced.
I am at a loss as how to do it :nightmare:

18-11-2012, 11:36 PM
What software are you using? Have you converted the text to curves or is it still text? You should be able to profile cut around it no matter what cam package you use but they all work a bit differently so if people know what your using may be able to give a better answer.

19-11-2012, 06:40 PM
In any program including cambam you need to create your text and then put a shape around it. This means that you can select the text and the shape and pocket machine. If you want the letters to be proud without a border then make your pocket bigger than the blank and it will leave the letters proud.


19-11-2012, 10:09 PM
Cheers Guys
I am now cutting raised Text
Strange how you can look and look and look and still miss things and then some one says try this and BAM its done and so simple to do.
I will pin the twat medal on myself for this one .
Many Thanks
Cheers Martin..Bruce

19-11-2012, 10:35 PM
Can be easy to overlook something & then wonder how on earth you ever managed to do it, been there done that myself, don't be to hard on yourself Pete, just put it down to all that stress you were under with the old machine.

20-11-2012, 05:32 PM
Remember that if you have a large pocket with text in then do an initial cut with a bigger cutter and then clean up the edges with a smaller mill. Much quicker that way.

02-04-2013, 11:21 AM
Having grief with this in Cambam.

Creating the text and putting rectangle round it in Cambam.

Problem being it then decides to cut round some letters and flatten others to the depth of the pocket.

Tried increasing text size , dosen`t seem to make much of a difference.

Thought might be trying to go too fine with too big a cutter but it will cut same text fine as a profile.

Suggestions appreciated.


P.S. insulation foam and cheap router cutters is proving an economic way of finding these problems ;-)