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23-12-2012, 03:23 PM
Hi all.

I've always loved engineering and especially production. I work in the creative industry myself in across all sorts of design based disciplines from making advertising, marketing to graphic design and also product / industrial design.

I now want to exercise the other half of my brain (or maybe its the same side?) and get stuck into some CNC.

Now, I'm fairly about stuff so I have a basic understanding of how CNC works and can figure out most CAD/CAM software fairly quickly.
I've also done welding courses, designed motorcycle parts for my own builds and am up to scratch on metals and alloys.

My next step, is what desktop CNC hardware can i put together / purchase that would be let me get stuck and make stuff from alloys or steel plate.

I'll save the 'Whats best for my first CNC machine' question for another time / section!

Anyway - hello all.