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24-02-2013, 08:03 PM
Hope someone could give maintenance tips for my mill. Sorry a long post :D
- So far, have used mill perhaps 10-20 hours, after buying it second hand Have only lubricated slide ways on table.
- Until now, used 490 RPM (belt at second lowest speed).
-- Motor is getting perhaps 55 C outside temperature, after couple of hours running.
-- Spindle is slightly warm to touch, after running a couple of hours. (maybe 40C)
-- Plan to start using higher RPMs, up to 2180 (belt at highest speed)
- however the spindle, motor, etc. bearings, not sure what sort of maintenance is needed.

Are the Milling Machine bearings like car wheel bearings .... ie. you only lubricate when bearings are replaced. (say every 80k miles or 5 years) ?

I can't see on the mill any obvious places, where one could add oil or other lubricants.

Can you help?

Some further background information:
- my milling machine is this: King Midas milling machine (TFY-515). A Taiwanese mill from 1980s.
- previous owner said motor had burned, and he had it replaced.
- Have original instructions (attached).
--- Instructions only mention "pre-lubrication: Clean the machine with Gasoline or Kerosene thoroughly, lubricate all the slide ways with S.A.E. 10, be sure to lubricate all over properly before start the machine".
--- But no mention of bearings.

What would you do? What is the best maintenance one could give her? Should one try to lubricate bearings?

Attached pictures.

Thanks for reading!

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