View Full Version : RhinoCam user/ Cnc operator

02-03-2013, 01:39 PM

This post in not a full time employment opportunity.

I have just finished building my aluminum extrusion build.

I have many models and projects I have planned to cut using this machine but have lost the enthusiasm to learn whats left to do so..

I have someone working on the G-code and refitting the models I have built.

What I'm looking for is someone who is confident in Rhino/rhinoCam Mach 3 to come to my workshop for a FEW Days and help assist with the loading of these projects and to teach me the basics.

There are some basic stuff which can be cut with one tool and then some other stuff which should need tool changes/ replacing of stock.

I can do week ends and weekdays so, when ever your free to come.

based just outside of kingston upon thames.

Machine specs are

1000mm by 1200 by 200mm.

2.2kw Chinese spindle with water cooling.

I am offering a standard basic pay so please get in touch if you've got the expertise for this request and we can talk about it from there.

Many thanks