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17-03-2013, 03:52 PM
Help required with correct installation of gecko drive into control unit that was custom built for me.
I don't seem to be getting any power to the geckodrive.

I live in Barwell, Leicestershire hoping someone lives close enough to pay me a visit an maybe help me out with the re-wire?
Willing to pay day rate.

Contact Phil on Thanks :)

John S
17-03-2013, 04:36 PM
Bloody hell, was down in Stony Stanton today, should have shouted up earlier.

Jonathan, you up for it ? Be Wednesday before I'm free again.

17-03-2013, 04:57 PM
Jonathan, you up for it ? Be Wednesday before I'm free again.

Yep, I'm happy to help. The earliest I can help is Friday since I'm back at university (of Nottingham) for next week.

If you can post more details of what you've got and what you've tried then we could probably fix it without coming over (i.e. sooner). Pictures are good...

17-03-2013, 06:03 PM
8486848784888489849084918492Hi Jonathan,
Thank's for getting back to me. My name is Phil. I know less than nothing about electronics, but I know how to use three axis cnc. I bult a CNC by merging two old Dahlgren engravers. I think they should work ok. I have attatched some photo's of controll unit. The guy who built the controller told me that he had it up and running on his equipment.
After picking it up I lost my job so did nothing with it for a few months. When I came to wire the limit switches to the 9 pin D connectors I found there was a wire off. This is a limit switch wire. I put it back where I thought it came from. Since then I have no power to the Geckodrive.
I have looked over the wires and can't remember which one it was. I have also checked the fuse on the Gecko mother board and got continuity across it.

Thanks Phil
Home Phone No.

John S
17-03-2013, 06:30 PM
What are the boards in the first picture ?

17-03-2013, 07:25 PM
They say relay on them.

17-03-2013, 07:41 PM
The boards are marked, Relay 1 to relay 4 it's my understanding they are there for the limit / home switches. The LED at position 3 comes on when I turn on the rotation switch on the front of the controller. The other 3 LEDS light up when i press the green push button on the front panel. The E stop turns the all out.

17-03-2013, 11:03 PM
I built this.! . . . Long time ago.

Phil If the all 3 lights are coming on then think you'll find it's working ok and chances are it's a setup issue inside Mach.

The system use's 24V for E/stop/Limits and uses 24V relays to control safety and in this case 2 relay boards using 2 x 2pdt relays working has one 4PDT, why.? Because it's all I had at the time.
K1 is the master relay
K2 is for the limits
K3 is for drives
K4 if I connected it would have been for the spindle, but it's that long ago now I can't remember.?

This system won't reset unless everything is correct.? By this I mean limits are not tripped and E-stop released.
Also It won't start if the NC limit switches are not connected. Again can't remember has it's so long ago but I will probably have put a Limit override switch on the front so you can back off the limits when hit. Thou really It should be a Momentary button I could have put an on/off switch in the case NO switches are connected so you can still use the system.? Again can't remember.!

If you are not using limits then this switch will need switching but that said if K2 relay is lighting up then either the override switch is set or the limits are connected.
When you first power on and limits are in safe position (override switch set) the K2 relay (2x led in this case) will power up but NOT any of the others.? They will only power up when the Reset button is pressed. If the E-stop is clear then pressing the reset will power up the other relays and create a latch so they stay on until a safety condition is broke IE Limit/E-stop at which point the latch drops and kills power to drives etc.

If they are doing this then everything is working has it should and why I think if your getting no motor movement then it's a setup problem within Mach3.
It's possible that the wire that fell out could be E-stop signal going to G540 which goes thru a relay contact first. If This was incorrect it would stop the Gecko working but still allow relays to power up.?

Sorry I can't help any more than this and if you was closer I would fix it or spot the setup problem in 2mins I'm sure. I can't even offer telephone support at the minute has I'm spending all my time at hospital (won't go into why) but if you don't get it sorted then get in touch and I'll see what can do.!