View Full Version : Pillar Drill Restoration

24-03-2013, 06:42 PM
Hi all,

Pretty much have my work room sorted now. I am now getting some tools in to help with my first cnc build. My first workshop purchase is an old pillar drill advertised as not working, picked up for 20! It was slightly larger and heavier than I had expected much to my girlfriends disappointment as it almost killed the car suspension transporting it to mums garage for cleaning up. The entire base is iron with a large solid iron adjustable table.


So after putting it back together in the garage I gave it a quick once over checking the moving parts and nothing was stuck ace! I was told that it had not been used for around 14 years. I then popped the pulleys on, plugged her in and it worked first time.

After a little listen it was pretty quiet with only some noise coming from the motor. So first job this week will be taking the motor off, cleaning it up and rebuilding it. Parts wise I will need a new pulley for the motor as the current one is damaged.