View Full Version : any one know about auto lube systems?

02-03-2009, 04:52 AM
Stripped the lubrication manifold and valves off of my z axis and cleaned the Showa PSS-1 one way valves/metering units. All went well and after putting it back together found an excelent way to preoil, elcheapo squirtyoil can. With the wipers off I was able to pump the oil till it came out everywhere.

I started to attack the Y axis, when the table is over to the right the manifold that lives under the table is visible. I got themanifold off and stripped the valves. I cleaned them and when I was putting the last one together I noticed it is a PSS-2, the others are PSS-1s. I take it the number is the flow rate?
I can't identify which manifold outlet the 2 goes in, the manifolds are 8 way and that particular one has 5 metering units. I am hoping the machine has the same set up under the right hand side of the table. But failing that what needs the most oil ways or ball nuts?
I do have a service manual, guess what, no lubrication diagram. I have all the part numbers for all the bits of tin and associated screws and stuff!

Machine is a 85 matsuura MC500V2.