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25-04-2013, 03:02 PM
Hi Guys,

Hi guys i'm looking recommendations for a supplier of fairly priced servo amplifiers dc brushed. This is for a servo as as apposed to a stepper.

The original Amplifier off the machine as i understand is pretty generic in terms if function and voltages etc, so i would guess most makers would do something to cover this range of amplifier.

Taking a look around there are so many out there, so I thought the best way is to get recommendation of a maker that you guys know the pricing and quality is good in both regards.

To give you an idea this one here should do the jobhttp://http://www.a-m-c.com/download/datasheet/20a20.pdf bit looking for any realistic alternatives price and reliability wise. The amc one is unknown to me and may end up the best option.

Any suggestions of other supplier/ makes?

Thanks in advance.