View Full Version : Pulse rate or dip switch settings

29-04-2013, 09:08 AM
I am a newbie and have looked without success for a answer to my problem.

I have a JHF 2030 router with a RZNC hand controller. At the price asked I could not pass and I have the room (it will cut a 3 x 2 metre sheet!)

When set to distance via the hand controller the steppers move about twice the setting. The default pulse rate on the RZNC is 400 and changing that to 155.5 gives a accurate movement but I am not sure about the sound of the motors. They do not falter or judder but do sound a bit different than before.

The stepper contollers are all set to a step rate of 4000. The lowest step rate via the dip switches is 400.

My questions are:

Is it better to change the stepper controller step rate or the pulse rate via the hand controller firmware?

If I did experiment with the dip switch setting will I bugger something?

The stepper motors have no id at all. They have a 12.7mm dia shaft with a keyway. They are 8 wire and I don't know enough to say how they are wired and JHF have not given me a answer.