View Full Version : RFQ: Require small Stainless steel buckles machining- can you help please ?

15-05-2013, 06:47 AM
Hi guys,

I hope someone here can help !

I have been trying to find someone that can make me stainless steel buckles for the nylon watch straps I produce. I have had quotes from machine shops but they are just too much for me to pass on to my customer :-(

What I'm looking for is a man in a shed ! That can do these at reasonable and fair cost.

I have added three pic to give you some idea of what I'm after. The drawing is correct for the slots and outer dimensions but I'd be after either a shape similar to my doodle or like the gasgasbones one and the roundel in the drawing but the roundel changed to my logo !
The third pic is a buckle I had done by a guy who did a few at his work for me. Unfortunately he got busted doing them and told to stop :-(

I would be looking at 50-100

I don't think the thickness is on the drawing but it would be about 4-5 mm, its not critical.

Can anyone help pleeeeeeese ! I would love to get these made in the UK

My contact details
Email - gasgasbones@googlemail.com
Mobile - 07725332604

Thank you

Carl Evans