View Full Version : BUILD LOG: 10ft x 5ft Rack & Pinion, BIG BUILD

16-05-2013, 09:24 PM
So finally I've got round to starting this build log (to help motivate me to finish the build!)

The specs -
Cutting area of 3050mm x 1525mm x 150mm
Aluminium/Steel Construction
Hiwin Linear Guides (25mm & 15mm)
Rack & Pinion all 3 axis
Closed loop steppers (through belt reduction 3:1)
1.2kw HF Spindle
Option for tangential cutting knife
USBCNC software CPU5B
Full Vacuum Bed made from aluminium box section.

So now you know where I'm going, this is what you all want, PICTURES! 89388939894089418942894389448945894689478948894989 5089518952895389548955

16-05-2013, 09:56 PM
WOW!! This is a monster! Looking really good mate, doesn't look like you are too far off. I have seen your other machine before on here I think? I'm getting there slowly with my router build, but this is inspiring me to take it up a gear and get it finished!

16-05-2013, 11:11 PM
That looks really professional - well done. G.

03-03-2014, 08:20 PM
hi, this is my first post, and your build looks absolutely amazing. is this for timber panels? only judging by the size, this looks to be the case. I am looking to build a machine for a 2400 x 1220 sheet capacity, and have looked through a lot of the builds and cant find one like this that caters for that. You built another previously, is that a smaller one? i like this style that runs on alu extrusions rather than rails, if i am correct in saying. Is this what is called a gantry?

I am not asking for a one on one tuition here, but how do i learn to build a machine like this for the 8x4 size, and where can i get the info? I am a complete beginner, but there is no beginner threads on here that show step by step, that i can find anyway. I have read loads of build threads, but i have no knowledge of the terminoligy used etc.

Any help welcome. will you be documenting this build further?